create more confidence so that you can do your work, your way.


create more confidence so that you can do your work, your way.

Two options to get you started.
coaching for self confidence so you can do your work
This coaching program will help you have the self confidence to fully show up as you so that you can do your work in a way that is true to you.
Join our individualized, virtual, 1:1 coaching program that will help you build your belief in you. 
This comprehensive program is tailored to your needs and focuses on these key areas:

trust yourself fully.
Learn to hear you. Know what you want and take action on it. Have your own back, no matter what.
be self confident.
Speak up. Have an opinion and voice it. Make decisions and stick to them. Show up fully as you.
take charge of your work.
Own your results. Learn from mistakes without getting stuck in blame, self judgment, and shame. 
manage your emotions.
Manage anxiety so it isn't taking over. Stop the self doubt spiral. Use discomfort to grow, not to tear you down.
grow your self belief and be self confident at work
Sometimes, how we show up as we do our work can look pretty nice on the outside. But on the inside, it's a different story.

We're second guessing most actions we take. Indecision is a familiar stomping ground. Anxiety and self doubt are our frequent companions. We overwork to compensate for feeling inadequate. And we just keep working harder, people pleasing more, stacking more on our plate to try to finally feel enough. Only it's never enough.
Nothing we DO can change how we FEEL about who we ARE.
We need a different approach. An approach based on changing our BELIEFS about ourselves so we can feel good, proud, confident as we do our work.

That's what beliefseed coaching is here for.

You get 1:1 coaching support so that you can get out of your own way and embrace all of who you are. You get guided curriculum all about building your trust in you so that you not only know why you feel the way you do, but how to feel better and more aligned with who you really are. You get specific action steps that you can immediately apply to your life so that you start making change and seeing results right away.
get coaching that's specific to you.
Each program is unique because it's individualized to your wants, which we dive into in our first session together.

You also get curriculum all about trust, acceptance, and self confidence. To give you a sneak peak, here are some of the course curriculum topics:
the process to create change
Change is a process. When we know the process, we can change our beliefs and how we do our work. We'll go in detail on what this process is and how to apply it. 
self trust triad
When we trust ourselves, we have an inner security that needs no validation. This creates deep, unwavering self confidence. We'll cover each piece of this self trust triad.
your relationship with your inner judger
We don't have to fight our inner judger. Create a new relationship with the judging part of us so that the judger becomes an ally, not an enemy. 
break the habit of beating yourself up
We don't have to get stuck in the judgment spiral. Learn how to stop yourself mid-spiral and build a new habit for how to approach yourself when you're in this space.
use the worst-case scenario to create solutions
We can use our "what-if-ing" contingency planning as a strength that helps us create solutions. It doesn't have to keep us stuck. It can help us forward.
take ownership without the blame
Know the difference between ownership and blame and take responsibility in a way that supports you. Use failure and setbacks for growth so that you can keep your momentum.
feel on purpose
We can own our emotional well-being to create feelings on purpose. Learn how to approach feelings with compassion to ease discomfort and process through it.
know what you want
Learn to listen to you so you can know what you want and take action on it. Hear your intuition and create the life you want, not the one you think you're supposed to have. 
make decisions and stick to them
Decision making is not a one-size-fits all model. Together, we'll craft your approach based on how you learn and process information. This way you make decisions, your way. 
here's how beliefseed coaching program works.
weekly 1:1 coaching
Meet 1:1 with your coach each week to get guidance, overcome barriers, and create a new approach forward.
beliefseed curriculum
Every week there are topic-specific trainings and actions so you can instantly apply the materials. 
custom action steps
Get customized action steps specific to your goals every week so you can see immediate results.
Money back guarantee - If you've done the program for 21-days and you are not satisfied, simply contact us at for a full refund.

Because we believe this work can work for you. Even if you don’t believe yet, it’s okay. We believe enough for the both of us right now. Borrow some of that belief, lean into it, and watch your life transform. As you learn to believe in you more strongly than you thought was possible.

The Self Confident You awaits. Are you ready to meet them?
client testimonials
"I am so happy to find Lisa. She uses a professional, scientifically-proven approach that helped me learn about myself and realize how my own brain gets me confused...I'm feeling much happier now, and more confident about my decisions...This coaching program was a life saver at the moment of my self doubt. I still continue practicing what I have learned with Lisa."

- Natalia B
"Lisa's coaching program was extremely helpful for me in gaining more self-confidence, especially when it comes to making decisions. I learned how to differentiate what I really want in life and at work from what I think I should do. I also now have the tools that help me work through negative emotions and anxiety and ensure that I stick to my decisions. I definitely feel more confident and at peace at myself."

- Maria T
"Prior to working with Lisa, the decision to speak my mind in uncomfortable situations at work and to take action to pursue opportunities with uncertain outcomes in my career resulted in a lot of self doubt and anxiety. Through working with Lisa, I learned frameworks that shifted my mindset so that I am empowered to take on these situations more effectively and confidently."

- Jessie C
"She helped me see new opportunities in my life transitions when I was having a hard time navigating through them. I feel much more empowered in questioning my negative thought patterns with new tools from Lisa. I would encourage you to talk with Lisa as she is an excellent listener and would highly recommend her services."

- Kris H
This is your time, the moment is now.
You can grow your self confidence, right now. Join the program and watch your work transform as you believe in you more strongly than you ever thought possible. 

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